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Sunday, March 20, 2011

What would you do?

Myself, I'd first try not to have my knees buckle under me and not faint. Then check my heart to be certain I'm not having an attack. Sadly, I do not know this man, so there's little to do except admire his tremendously furry thighs and legs.  Some of these photos show how much sunlight can highlight hair. Running your hands up and down those thighs and legs would be awesome! Or how about rubbing your cock against the hair. Ever done that? It feels great!


  1. it is a pity, that i do not now this guy- to feel his legs and more ... !!! but is awesome to have your photos, these are better than nothing.

  2. Thank You for that great blog.
    Hairy legs are my biggest turn on as well!
    Liked to get in contact with like-minded men.

  3. Really Love this Giys hairy legs. Love to see more of this Guys hairy legs maybe wearing black o-t-c socks.

  4. The real shame is, it isn't me. How I wish my legs were this hairy and beautiful. I hope this guy appreciates his hair and NEVER shaves his legs.